Having Professional Credentials Reviewed

In Ontario, regulated professions often set their own standards and you must apply to a regulatory group for a license or certification to work in Ontario. Requirements vary between professions and each regulatory group in Ontario decided how to assess an individual’s credentials. 

Finding meaningful employment in a new country is a priority for most newcomers. Internationally trained professionals and trades people are highly sought after in Northern Ontario. Most professions and trades in Canada are regulated and newcomers will often need to update their skills or qualifications to meet the requirements to work in Canada.

The first step to obtaining employment in your trade or profession should be an assessment of your professional or trade credentials. This will determine if you need to update your education or skill set to work in your chosen field. The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada is a Canadian organization that provides assessment of education completed outside of Canada. There are fees for assessments and they vary based on the type of assessment needed.

Professions North/Nord (PNN)

Whether you are looking for work, interested in upgrading your current position to work in your trained field, or looking to gain a competitive advantage within your current work, Professions North/Nord (PNN) is here to assist you reach your fullest potential.  Professions North/Nord (PNN) assists internationally-trained professionals in Ontario in reaching their career goals by bridging the gap between education, experience, culture and employment.

– Help you obtain the most with foreign credential evaluations. 
– Offer communication courses to assist with navigating the norms, culture, nuances and lingo within the Canadian workplace. 
– Courses will guide you through developing a portfolio that will be invaluable in applications for employment or accreditation. 
– Assist you in building a network with employers or in gaining valuable insight from a mentor in your field. 
– Support your advancement toward a job in your professions through work placements. 
– Provide listings of community resources throughout Northern Ontario to help with other settlement challenges.

Overview of Services
These tools will pack your professional briefcase full of the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed within the Canadian workplace.  Professions North/Nord (PNN) offers the following services FREE of charge to eligible candidates.  Wherever possible and required, videoconferencing will be made available in lieu of in-class sessions.