By taking certain steps to familiarize yourself with Canadian life before you move, you will have a better understanding of what to expect. This can help ease the transition and make it easier for you to get established once you arrive in Canada.

  • Familiarize yourself with values, laws, rights and responsibilities you will have as a resident of Canada. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada and get to know Canada. 

  • If possible and if needed, work on improving your English-language skills before leaving your home country. 

  • Develop a plan for your arrival which outlines where you will stay and the services you will require when you first arrive. 

  • Use the internet as a resource. Go online and research the community where you will settle and make contact with professional, social, recreational and cultural groups. 

  • Research Canadian climate and typical conditions of the area you are moving to so you are aware of the type of weather to expect and ensure that you have the appropriate clothing. 

  • If your intended occupation is a regulated trade or profession contact the regulatory body to find out what you will have to do to get licensed or certified. The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials(CICIC) can help you assess your credentials. You can also find more information by using the Working in Canada Tool and through the Foreign Credentials Referral Office. 

  • Save enough money to support you and your family for the first few months following your arrival. Before you arrive, look into having your funds transferred into a Canadian bank account and make sure you understand how you can bring your money into Canada. Settelment.Org provides useful information about declaring funds, transferring money and related topics.