Raghu Jaswal

I moved to Canada in August 2003 on a study permit and went to Georgian College in Barrie for education. Barrie was a nice place to live and I learned a lot about Canadian culture and lifestyle. My program included 2 co-op work terms. I did my first co-op term at Honda of Canada Manufacturing, Alliston, Ontario. It was a great experience for my resume as well as my life too. I learned Canadian work ethics and discipline at this establishment.

For my final co-op term, I got an offer from the City of Timmins. Little did I know of Timmins at that time. I remember my director, Mr. David Laneville, asked me if I knew where Timmins was, or anything about Timmins, and my answer to him was that other than the location on map, nothing.

I moved to Timmins for my co-op work term and found Timmins to be a very nice, peaceful place to stay. Everyone was very friendly and welcomed me with open arms.

If you want to learn about the real Canadian culture, Timmins is the place to be in. With a population of around 45,000, it is the biggest city by area in Canada.

Working at City Hall, I had to interact with all the various departments of the City and thus I learned a lot about Timmins by interacting with different people with different backgrounds.

Timmins is a great place if you are into biking, fishing and other outdoor activities. With a beautiful landscape all around, it makes you feel so close to nature but still has all the facilities of a modern city.

I have been the resident of this beautiful place for the past 3 years and everyday I learn something new about it. I would recommend this city to everyone who is new to this country, wants to learn about Canadian lifestyle and have a decent, affordable living.