Curlis Verbeek

After a long and strenuous process to obtain my Canadian residency and be reunited with my Canadian husband, I was able to move to Timmins, ON in February of 2004.

Before then I lived both in Costa Rica (where I went to university and later worked) and Nicaragua (My home country). Meeting my then husband-to-be while going to school in Europe, becoming friends and falling in love, then getting married some years later was my reason for moving to Canada.

As I mentioned before, the process wasn’t easy or uneventful, but it was more than worth it in so many ways! I simply love Timmins!!!

There is so much truth to the saying “the people make the place”. The saying rang true to me when I came to this city. Starting with my then “new family”, continuing with the Christian community of which I am a part of, and the friends I’ve made since my arrival. The people in general of this city and of other places that I have been able to visit in the country; they never seize to amaze me with their kindness, friendliness, cultural/racial tolerance, their willingness to help, their heart of giving both to individuals and also for the good of their community and country.

All of the above made me fall in love with Timmins, but there’s also a few other things I feel I should mention like; the general safety I feel here, the warm and friendly environment that makes Timmins an ideal place for raising a family, its natural beauty, the sunshine and light you see here almost all year round, and the snow. The snow was something pretty new to me, and if you like that lovely white ‘stuff’, here is a very ideal place to experience it during the winters!

People usually ask “don’t you miss the year round warm temperatures of your area of the world?” My response is “I only miss it in the water. I wish the lakes would become warmer during the summers (For swimming)!” But hey, I know that sometimes you can’t have it all!

In conclusion, in Timmins I’ve found many doors of opportunity. I trust it will be the case for others looking into the possibility of moving here or elsewhere in this land of opportunity called Canada.